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The Scout Association is a worldwide uniformed organisation and we therefore at 2nd Cheshunt expect every member to wear a uniform every week & when attending additional events/activities outside of the normal section meetings.  There will however be the occasional exception when those involved will be told that uniform is not required for the one evening/activity, but the general rule is uniform is required unless told otherwise.


The uniform consists of a Beaver or Cub jumper, or Scout Shirt (depending on what section the child is in) together with navy Scout Activity Trousers, the Group Scarf and uniform badges.  In addition to these, we also have our own Group Polo shirt which can be worm under the Cub/Beaver jumpers or as an alternative for any Section during the hot months, or for certain activities when formal uniform is not required.


The Group Polo shirt is purchased directly from 2nd Cheshunt (see tab at the side).  The formal uniform of Beaver/Cub jumpers, Scout shirts/blouses and navy Activity Trousers can be purchased from our District Scout Shop, which is open every Monday during term time, from 5pm to 7pm, at our HQ, Burgess Hall, Goffs Lane, Cheshunt.  




The Group scarf and initial badges are purchased directly from the Group and the Section Leader will advise the parents of the charge for these.  However, there are no additional charges for badges awarded after investiture (unless replacements are requested), as they are covered by the termly subscriptions that are paid by members of the Group.  Please be aware that all badges issued, be it at investiture or along the way, must be sewn/stuck onto the uniform in the correct positions, as they are a very important part of the uniform.


Once a member has purchased their uniform, they will then be asked to learn the Promise for their Section, before undergoing their investiture into the Scout Association and the Group.

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